Company Profile

Who are we?

Stamatic A/S is a Danish owned company, who only works in stainless steel. Through many years we have delivered equipment to the food industry, mainly the dairies and slaughterhouses.

Our range of products includes:

The Daconi Line:

Cratepackers, trolleypackers, crate stackers, palletizers, stacker/destacker, shrink wrapping machines and conveyors for gable top carton, milk bottles and crates. Crate stocking systems.

The Tinofix Line:

Washing machines for cans, bottles, crates, trays, jars, barrels, containers, big boxes, racks etc.

Blowing machines for the same.

Automatic cheese smearing machines, cheese decoration machines, cheese pricking machines, filling and emptying of shelves with cheese, salami packing.

Furthermore service and maintenance of our equipment on the spot, and machine works as sup supplier.

Most of our production is adapted to the customer need, the equipment it has to be connected to, and the physical surroundings. Therefore we do not have any standard equipment. Hereafter we will show some specific units and machines, which will cover a board range of our equipment.